Jason Chan The Artist

You can search the internet for the name and you may find the actor or others who have the same name. But you can be able to search finally where you can find him and get to know him. For others, you may not need to search for him as we will place here things about the famed illustrator so you could get to know him. As he had made many illustrations, many are already dying to see him. That is why searches could be made online now and then.

In his introduction of himself, the artists obviously stated that he likes to draw. He was born in the year of 1983 in Stockton in California. When he studiedĀ 3D animation after high school, he moved then to San Francisco. But he then shifted to the illustrator major and graduated with that degree.

He gains influence of his works from the anime that he used as his inspiration to practice illustrating. That is why he had made many drawings of the characters from the cartoons, games, and comics.

He had written that he had drawn millions of drawings of the Mario and the Mega Man.

He has also gained influence from the fantasy novels. He has the anime styles of his works because he had practiced drawing the characters from the video games that were produced by Japan. That also led him to watch animes that many people had not been able to shake off just like the illustrator.